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If you are a small or medium-sized business, you need access to great legal advice and a trusted adviser but you may not always feel comfortable using a traditional law firm. Will you be a valued client? Can you afford their fees? How long will it all take?

Lawbright is not a traditional law firm. It offers smart, fast and practical advice with great service to help you deal with your everyday legal problems at a price that makes sense and adds value.

It is the brainchild of solicitor, Paul Whitaker, who was, for many years, head of litigation and employment law in two medium sized and successful law firms and could see how poorly the legal profession served the SME market, but that it needn’t be that way; he saw that if you could combine knowledge and experience with smarter ways of working and lower overheads, SMEs need not be excluded from access to great legal advice. Lawbright is the result.

So how can we help you?

Protecting your business

Your business faces many external threats – unpaid debts can threaten your cash flow, your know-how or confidential information may be stolen or misused, landlords threaten to repossess or tenants fail to pay their rent, contracts are broken, people let you down or get it wrong. These things and more like them can threaten the very future of your business. In times of trouble, Lawbright will be on your side, fighting your corner and helping you find a commercial solution.

Looking after and managing your staff

You know that dealing with your employees and external consultants as effectively as possible is vital to the business and you need to get it right but it isn’t easy and sometimes you feel baffled or that your hands are tied. Lawbright will offer know-how, standard documentation, practical advice and coaching to enable you to understand, design and implement the practices and policies that will help you make your business a great place to work and deal with problems if they arise.

Coping with regulation

It’s a jungle out there. You need to be sure that your business is complying with rules and regulations on everything from Bribery and Corruption to Data Protection, Environmental and Health and Safety to Money Laundering, Product Safety and more. Lawbright will help you get up to and stay up to speed on compliance and avoid fines and prosecutions by implementing the right policies and procedures, training and raising awareness of your staff and keeping you informed.

If we can’t help we probably know or can find someone who can

Lawbright can help you with many of your business needs, but not all. Our commitment is to try to help you find someone who can help, If we can’t. We want to build a community of like-minded professionals who offer great support to small and medium-sized businesses at a price they can afford and put them in touch. So, if you are a business looking for someone to help you, but don’t know who to turn to, then get in touch and we will try and help – free of charge.

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Our vision is to give small and medium-sized businesses access to great legal advice at a price they can afford. Our ethos is to be effective, accessible and trusted. Why not ask if we can help?